Research Topic

We mainly research on artificial intelligence, data mining, integrated knowledge mechanism, internet technologies etc., and develop applied information system.
In recent year, we have made great achievements in many research fields, such as artificial intelligence, soft computing, data exploration and ontology knowledge, and have made many research topics on correlative field, especially neural network, fuzzy theory, genetic algorithm and ontology.
The creation and improvement on theory of method, and successfully used on work scheduling, Diagnosis of brain tumors, game tree, internet and supply chain management, furthermore, we not only have published 320 journal papers but also published 568 conference papers. We have carried out numerous NSC research projects of the above field which get pretty good experience and result.


  • 平行機器學習
  • 雜訊處理下之機器學習
  • 模糊資料分析
  • 遺傳演算法之自動運算子調整
  • 遺傳演算法之知識整合
  • 漸進式資料挖掘
  • 數量型資料挖掘
  • 物件導向資料倉儲
  • 類神經網路
  • 資料探勘精簡表示法


  • 模糊工作排程
  • 腦瘤診斷系統
  • 遺傳遊戲樹
  • 網際網路資料探勘
  • 網際網路應用系統
  • 本體知識於供應鏈管理之應用
  • 隱私防護資料探勘